Several years ago, a program was begun at our Temple by then President, Marvin Adler, z”I. The program is REMEMBER A CHILD. The purpose of this program, which is now nationally known, is to remember the one and a half million Jewish children murdered in the Holocaust. Many of these children were murdered along with their entire families, leaving them with no one to mourn for them, to say Kaddish.

At Beth El, we want to expand the program so that no Jewish child, who suffered and died at the hands of our enemies, be forgotten.

There is a box in the lobby containing envelopes with the names and history, as brief as it may be for their shortened lives, of one of these children. If you would like to “adopt” one of these children, please take an envelope and become the “Kaddish” for a child. You can also contact the Synagogue office to have a packet sent to you. All that is required of you is to Remember a Child and to say mourners kaddish for this child at each of the yizkor services during the year and Yorn HaShoah.

Thank you and Shanah Tova.

Susan Bell and Sheila Israel
Co-Chairs Remember a Child