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Social Action

Temple Beth El

“If you want to change the world, change yourself.”
– Rabbi Israel Salanter

Social action is a way to bring about tikun olam, or repairing the world, and that individual actions have the power to effect change on a global scale. Social action is an essential part of living a moral and ethical life.

At Temple Beth El, we believe that each individual has the power to make a positive impact and contribute to repairing the world, in line with the concept of tikun olam. 

Through our various social action initiatives, we engage our community in meaningful ways to address social issues, support those in need, and advocate for justice and equality.

From organizing food drives to partnering with local organizations, we strive to create tangible change, knowing that even small actions can have far-reaching effects. By integrating social action into our communal life, we foster a culture of empathy, compassion, and responsibility, where the values we hold dear are translated into practical acts of kindness and social justice. At Temple Beth El, we believe that social action is not only an integral part of our moral and ethical journey but also a powerful means to create a brighter future for all, one step at a time.

Temple Beth El

Tzedakah and Charitable Giving

Giving back is at the heart of our community. We embrace the value of tzedakah, or charitable giving, as a way to uplift those in need and build a stronger, more compassionate world. Through our support of local and global causes, we invite you to join us in making a difference by contributing to impactful projects and initiatives that help transform lives.

Tikkun Olam-Social Justice Initiatives

Our dedication to social justice fuels our mission to advocate for equality, fairness, and inclusivity. We actively engage in initiatives that address systemic issues, empower marginalized communities, and promote meaningful change. Together, we strive to create a society where every individual is valued and respected, and where justice is accessible to all.

Volunteering Opportunities

Discover the joy of giving your time and skills through our diverse volunteering opportunities. Whether it’s tutoring, mentoring, assisting at local shelters, or participating in community clean-up efforts, there are countless ways to make a positive impact. Join our vibrant network of volunteers and experience the fulfillment that comes from helping others and building connections within our community.

Partnerships with Local Organizations

Collaboration is key to creating sustainable change. We forge strong partnerships with local organizations that share our values and goals. Through these alliances, we amplify our impact and work collectively to address community needs. Together, we strive to make a lasting difference and build a brighter future for all.

Mitzvah Day

Provides a range of exciting opportunities for you to get involved and make a meaningful impact. Join our team of volunteers as we organize food drives, pack care packages for the less fortunate, and participate in community clean-ups to preserve the environment. You can also contribute your talents by offering free workshops or classes to underprivileged individuals, mentoring youth, or providing professional services to nonprofit organizations. Mitzvah Day is a day filled with purpose and camaraderie, where we come together to enact change and create a brighter future for all. Whatever your passion or expertise, there’s a Mitzvah Day project that will allow you to make a difference in a way that is personally meaningful to you. Join us and be a part of this transformative experience!

Embrace the Power of Giving, Plant Seeds of Kindness

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Wednesday, Sept. 27
06:00PM - Sukkah Decoration, Israeli Food & Dance

Friday, Sept. 29
07:00PM - Sukkot Dinner In the Sukkah

Saturday, Sept. 30
06:00PM - Margaritas & Havdalah in the Sukkah

Wednesday, Oct. 04
06:00PM - YjPN & Adult Class with Rabbi Gastón followed by Simchat Beit Hashoeivah DJ DA

Thursday, Oct. 05
7:00PM - Kabbalah 101, Light Dinner

Friday, Oct. 06
7:00PM - Sukkot Dinner

Saturday, Oct. 07
8:30AM - Mindful Shemini Atzeret and Shabbat with Rebbetzin Marcela

6:00PM - Simchat Torah Festival celebration

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