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We are committed to creating an environment for Jewish learning that prepares our children to live as Jews in the 21st Century. Integrating classroom, digital and experiential forms of study, we provide a setting that fits all learning styles. Our flexible schedule is designed to meet your  needs.


Temple Beth El has been serving the spiritual and communal needs of the Jewish community in West Palm Beach, Florida, since 1926. Its Fread Sanctuary is a landmark architectural wonder, providing a beautiful backdrop for inspiring worship, education, and lifecycle events.


Devoted to spiritual and religious enrichment, Temple Beth El values Jewish tradition while embracing innovation. We are committed to the institutions of Conservative Judaism, the Jewish community, the State of Israel, and the advocacy of democracy and religious pluralism.


Through its religious, social, cultural, and educational programs, Temple Beth El provides a variety of opportunities to all ages for worship, learning, spiritual enlightenment, social interaction, acts of kindness, and outreach to those seeking purpose and meaning in their lives.